Bath Time and Literacy: A Perfect Pair

Bath time is a staple in our kid’s bedtime routines. Parents, we are so tired by the end of the day and are ready to sit back and relax. A major challenge of parenting is simultaneously wanting to relax and wanting to make sure we are providing opportunities for our children to learn and grow. SplashEZ mold free bath toys can help transform your child’s bath time into a rich learning experience. Using the SplashEZ toys can easily make bath time a lesson in early literacy.

Building Vocabulary

Early literacy is not limited to teaching kids how to read. Early literacy is all about building the foundation and cognitive capabilities to prime children for reading and writing. You can easily incorporate verbs, or action words, into your bath time. This could sound like, “Freddy Frog is jumping.” You or your child could model jumping with the SplashEZ toys to build an understanding of the verb “jumping.” It could also sound like “Quentin Quail is flying.” If you are discussing verbs, emphasize and repeat the verb throughout your bath time conversation. SplashEZ bath toys allow for opportunities to build foundations for simple sentences using verbs.


Reading Comprehension does not start in Kindergarten. It can start with babies and toddlers in the form of storytelling. For babies, parents can narrate a real or imagined story using the SplashEZ toys while their baby listens. This could sound something like, “One day Uma the Unicorn was frantically looking around as she realized she was helplessly lost!”When narrating the story model how the characters can solve their problem and what lesson can be learned.Furthermore, don’t shy away from bigger words like “frantically.” Opportunities to expose our babies and toddlers to higher-level vocabulary words are hugely beneficial. For toddlers, caregivers can help their child make up their own story by asking guiding questions like, “Where did Uma go?” or “How did Uma find her friends?” Storytelling is an opportunity for your child to be exposed to rich vocabulary and story elements that lay the foundation for reading comprehension. SplashEZ bath time toys make storytelling easy and fun during bath time.

SplashEZ mold free bath toys are the perfect way to incorporate early literacy into your child’s bath time.A few minutes of creative play will offer rich learning experiences. Your child can learn to love literacy while building a safe and loving bond during their bedtime routine. Don’t wait, get your SplashEZ mold free bath toys now!

Bailee Campbell is a mother to a 5 month old son and an educator in California. She works with fellow educators and families to help support children and build strong academic foundations. She is passionate about giving families the tools they need to seize learning opportunities in unexpected ways.