Behind the Scenes at SplashEZ- How it All Began...


A Midsummer's Night Nightmare

 It all started a few years back when we’d literally had enough of hearing “baby shark” and  “I’m bored” on repeat…

  Long hot summers' meant even longer days with our kids who desperately needed something to do! ( Ya feel us). Deep inflatable pools were out of the question. They were so little, and we wanted to keep them safe at swim time. That's when the Splash Sprinkler Pad was born - a fun, wet activity that worked well for multiple ages. Those little munchkins stayed cool and entertained for hours each day! And once we upgraded the design with educational themes - it made us parents feel like we totally nailed it! 

Why Choose Us?

As parents, we are always looking for ways to entertain our kids with "secretly" educational toys. A bit like when you add carrot into muffins, so your kids won’t know they’re eating veggies. Our philosophy is not to criticize ourselves for not doing enough educational activities with our kids - it's to grab every opportunity to teach our little ones something new.  Kids' brains are like sponges absorbing new thoughts, skills, and ideas faster than you can imagine. Which is why we believe playtime is the perfect chance to sneak in some incredible lessons and learning.