The Subtle Art of Simply Playing

The Subtle Art of Simply Playing

As parents, we knew we would change diapers, feed the baby and have restless nights but something a lot us didn’t think about is play.I was not the exception, I had not thought much about the subject and what type of play I would be interested in teaching my children. WhenI began to research the best types of play, I found out how important it was to make sure every single toy or game in our home had purpose.

During my research, I stumbled upon THE MONTESSORI METHOD that has now been the model of play in our home. Though we are not strict “montesorians” learning through play has been the priority for all toys brought into our home.

For an absorbent mind to achieve greatness it is crucial to have the adequate “food” AKA toys. What we put in front of our child will have an impact, be it positive or not. Will it steer our child to achieve their highest potential or will it be a simple toy? Let us place a toy that will have a positive influence.

A child’s mind is a mind capable of absorbing knowledge at a fast pace and effortlessly.Unlimited absorption is going on at a young age. There is natural creativity, reasoning, understanding and memorization. Learning at this age is inevitable; their mind captures every single detail. We should be aware that this is temporary. Impressions not only penetrate a child’s mind but they form and permit to establish a surrounding. We must take advantage of the fragile yet important stage. Imagination is everything. The more your child independently plays the more they will get good at it as will the imagination. Learning will become second nature.

After attending a web seminar on child development I was certain I did not want the main focus of entertainment to be screen time. But I had no clue what to do and where to go from there. Learning with play is as simple and complicated as that. Having everything and anything be a learning experience. I knew what I wanted but now the problem was where to find the appropriate toys for their age.

A Montessori toy stimulates learning. It is simple and not battery operated.The type of toy is as important as the type of play and its lesson. I have chosen every toy with care and every toy has a purpose.

One of our favorite toys at the moment is FlashEZ Flash Cards. These waterproof flash cards have a variety of different learning opportunities. From naming the colors on the card, to the animal and sound they make to unconsciously learning the alphabet. Once they master all of those skills they can also arrange the cards in alphabetical order.

Learning through play has become a “way of life” in our home. Our main focus with this approach is play with purpose. Our children will grow into smart, capable little humans through the art of play.



Heidy Damian Heidy

Damian is a mother of twin toddlers. She is a stay at home mom taking each day at it comes. She is passionate about creating a positive and comforting environment for her girls.Scroll down to see photos